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 Breakthrough Coaching
Innergize Breakthrough Coaching
Would you like to boost productivity and take more control of your life?
Innergize Breakthrough Coaching is a proven process for accelerating performance and moving people forward at a faster pace toward their goals. It's designed to help you:
  • Accomplish more and do it in less time.
  • Stay focused on activities that really matter.
  • Manage competing priorities without dropping the ball.
  • Stay mentally sharp, energized and enjoying what you do.
Think you have nothing to gain?  Or ...
  • Are you easily distracted—find it hard to concentrate with so many things on your mind?
  • Are you making snap decisions even when you know thoughtful consideration is the better choice?
  • Are you more irritable, more impatient, more impulsive?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the demands on your time, or secretly worry about falling behind?
  • Are you stressed and out of balance at work, in your relationships, at home?
If you knew there was a quick acting antidote you could use to get back on track .... would you be interested?
Most people already know what they need to be doing. The real challenge is getting themselves to do it! 

That's where we could all use a little help. And that's why the Innergize Performance Breakthrough process works!
  • First to clear away the barriers that prevent you from taking action, from doing what you know you need to do.
  • Then aligning your values and beliefs—the active ingredients powering personal achievement—to support your important goals.
What benefits can you expect?
After the session you'll feel a surge of energy and forward momentum. Momentum that actually increases over time. People who experience the Innergize Breakthrough process report they have more focus, clarity and passion for what they do.
  • Productivity and sales increase.
  • Stress is transformed into challenge—exciting, interesting and fun.
  • Business and personal relationships are enhanced.

After two or three months people notice benefits across all areas of their life. Innergize Breakthrough Coaching is an amazing process for anyone working in a high pressure, demanding environment. But don't take our word for it. Check out the client comments on the left.

Requires minimal time commitment
Innergize Breakthrough Coaching takes five to seven hours and is usually completed in two sessions. It's a one-to-one process scheduled around you. The session can focus on any area of life where you'd like to have a fresh start, clear stress and burnout, and achieve more.
Frequently asked questions about the process
How does the Breakthrough Coaching process compare with standard business coaching?
The Innergize Breakthrough Coaching process has the same objective as traditional coaching. To help people achieve important goals and outcomes, resolve problems and reduce stress.
So how is Breakthrough Coaching different?
Breakthrough Coaching can deliver results when other types of coaching fail. While there is a place for standard business coaching, it is ineffective with many issues that hold people back. Breakthrough Coaching works at the level of mind where mental habits and behaviours are formedthe fastest way to make lasting change. Clearing the mental baggage that can highjack emotions, causing people to overreact, draining their energy and motivation.   People can choose new strategies and behaviours and immediately test their results.
Where does the Breakthrough Coaching process come from?
The Innergize Breakthrough Coaching Process uses a blend of techniques from Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology plus a proven approach developed through years of assisting clients to make changes ... comfortably, quickly, and in ways they choose.
Who else is taking advantage of these benefits?
High performance athletes have been working with mentalcoaches  for many years because they know the psychological edge or mental toughness, is often the only difference between those who win and those who place.  Now more and more business professionals are taking advantage of Breakthrough Coaching to gain a psychological edge.
For example...
The Innergize Breakthrough process is used by sales professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners and others who want to increase their success, gain a fresh perspective, or face change, challenge or stress with confidence.    

HR practitioners use Breakthrough Coaching as a resource for executive development and meeting specialized demands like managing stress and burnout, improving interpersonal relationships and time management etc. 

The process is valuable for anyone who is ready to achieve more. Are you ready to harness the power of your mind?

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