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(NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Programming
What is NLP?

A Powerful, Practical Model For Communicating Effectively, Changing Behaviour & Delivering Performance Results!

Have you ever wondered what this field called Neuro-Linguistic Programming is all about?

Or if you've already completed a training in NLP, have you tried to explain what it is to a friendIt's not easy to explain in 25 words or less, is it?

It is much easier to say what NLP is about ...
It's about having more fun everyday of your life, taking control of your response to life's pressures and stressors, and enjoying the process of excelling and living up to your full potential!  Interested in learning more?
Below you'll find:

A Little History 
If you would, keep in mind that NLP has a number of specialized branches and the following information represents only one way of explaining this discipline we call Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 

NLP developed as a model for understanding and enhancing all facets of human excellence. It began with the study of people who consistently achieved excellence within their professions—individuals recognized for their outstanding performance.

Studies date back to the 1970's and have included experts from fields as diverse as psychology, professional sales, negotiation, music and the arts, sports, medicine, education and the military.

Over time, NLP evolved into a protocol for modeling excellence and creating a blue print others can use to replicate that excellence.

NLP begins with a set of beliefs shown to nourish excellence in any field. Then adds an Aladdin's Cave full of tools, techniques and practical applications that make it easy for people to change—in ways they choose. 

The techniques and tools have been refined and honed over years of application by thousands of people from all walks of life—business and finance, medical and scientific fields, sports, education, coaching and training, music and the arts.

Because NLP provides powerful insights into how people think and make decisions, some would consider it to be the ultimate resource for effective communications. And today you can find elements of NLP in many popular communication seminars.

So whether you'd like to be more effective managing yourself or coaching and training others, promoting products and services or simply selling concepts and ideas, NLP offers many valuable resources you can use to achieve higher levels of performance.

NLP is also a competitive edge used by many of today's high profile business gurus. Charismatic leaders, speakers and authors, sales professionals, executive coaches, mediators and negotiators very often have one discipline in common. They have been trained in NLP and use it as a resource to achieve more, personally and professionally.

So What Is NLP ... Really?
NLP is an evolving model of specific skills, tools and techniques and a mental model—a way of looking at, and thinking about the world—that expands choice and taps into powerful personal resources.

NLP offers practical real world applications you can  use to change habits and the unconscious mental programs running your behaviour. So that you achieve new and better results.
To use a computer analogy, can you imagine having a brand new computer with the latest Pentium® processor? Then being limited to running software developed back in the days when a 286 processor was considered fast? How efficient would that be?
Similarly, scientists tell us the human brain and nervous system also have capabilities far beyond the tasks we assign them.

And just like a computer hard drive, from time to time significant events occur that rewrite our ‘mental’ software. We are also susceptible to thought viruses and indiscriminate programming.

Now, how would it feel if you had the power to develop new software, new mental programming for yourself?

And what if you had the ability to uninstall old programs and delete files that cluttering up your mental hard drive?

When you learn to use NLP it is like getting the source code the keys to your own personal programming.

With NLP you can create your own software and achieve more of the success you want.

Some people would even say that NLP is a sure route to achieving the personal mastery described by Peter Senge in his book The Fifth Discipline.

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Business Applications Of NLP
Call Center and Customer Service managers notice the following improvements when their staff are trained in NLP communication skills:

  • CSRs who have this specialized training are better at gathering the  critical information needed to resolve complaints or sell additional services.
  • And are able to quickly neutralize anger and emotional outbursts.
  • Customer satisfaction levels show dramatic improvements and sales volumes increase.
  • Call handle time is reduced.
  • CSRs feel better better about themselves and are able to manage job stress more effectively.
When a chemistry company used NLP Motivation and Behaviour interviews during recruitment they were able to achieve a better job fit over all.
  • Predicting a candidate's behaviour in an organizational setting, enabled them to match the person with functional demands and the working environment.
  • Employee retention went up.
  • Productivity increased, stress was reduced.
  • Cooperation among teams and between individuals improved.
Sales Professionals using Motivation and Behaviour questions create deeper levels of trust, while quickly identifying what really matters to each customer.
  • They uncover the unique emotional triggers for each client.
  • They learn to use the language of action,’  specific words that will create compelling motivation in each customer.
  • As a result, sales increase.
  • And relationships are strengthened as clients feel their needs are truly understood.
Executive Coaches using NLP are able to accelerate their clients' progress towards realizing their full potential.
  • Outdated beliefs and fears that may be blocking performance are  dissolved easily and comfortably!
  • Unwanted habits can be replaced with new empowering behaviours.
  • Their clients resolve internal conflicts that in the past may have caused them to spin their wheels, draining their energy and wasting time.
  • Both Important and Urgent tasks are handled with comfort.
  • Their clients' have more energy and motivation to move toward their goals for the future.

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